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Wednesday, August 11, 2010
Movin' on Up

Funny -- Culinary Epiphanies is today's featured blog on Bloglines, and I haven't posted a word since last October.

A lot has changed since then. I keep thinking I should update anyone who might actually still check in here on occasion (is there anyone out there...? I don't blame you if you're not.), but you know how that goes. I'll give you a quick rundown now (it starts out rough, but gets better).

Kevin's lifelong best friend, a captain in the US Army, was killed in Afghanistan on October 2nd, 2009, by a suicide bomber. The world lost a truly amazing person* that day. I wrote a bit of a tribute to him, but just couldn't post it. It was too personal and too painful. And it still is. I can't believe that was ten months ago already.

But it was also a kick in the butt that Kevin and I had been needing. We've both been unhappy with our jobs for way too long, and had both been thinking for quite some time about going back to school. We want to do something more. something better, something that might actually do some good for someone somewhere. I pulled it together enough to enroll in an online program through the SUNY (State University of New York) system in January, and have been loving it and doing very well, and am now fantasizing about transferring to a fancy expensive private school. Kevin started studying for the GRE in October and spent the fall applying to graduate schools. HE GOT INTO HARVARD!!! And a few other really good schools. But HARVARD! So yes, he's going there this fall. WE'RE MOVING BACK TO BOSTON NEXT WEEK!!! Yes, I'm a little excited.  =)  It will be hard to leave NYC in some ways (Rebecca, Khadija, Shakespeare al fresco, really good falafel), but I am pretty ready to get out of Dodge. I'm tired of the dirt and the smell and the assholes everywhere I turn. I'm tired of concrete and 95 degree days with 173% humidity and being so far away from home. I'm tired of the MTA and the noisy restaurant outside my bedroom window and not being able to breathe.

We've signed a lease on an apartment in Cambridge, on the same street we lived on a few years ago -- it's just a little closer to Harvard than the last place was. I'm going back to work at the same store I worked at a few years ago (no, NOT Starbucks!!!). I'll be closer to my family, Kevin's sister lives about two blocks away, and I still have a few really good friends up there. I'm taking four classes this fall (still with the SUNY program), and will take three or four in the spring, and will then be ready to transfer to a bachelor's degree program. And I've found the perfect school for that right in Boston! It offers major and minor programs in both of the fields I'm interested in. Unfortunately, it's a private (all women! no boys!) school, and it's NOT cheap. But I figure if I can get in, I can make it work somehow. I'll be OK with being in debt for the rest of my life if I can make this happen.

I'm hoping that the urge to cook and blog will return once I'm up there. I'd like to overhaul this site, or start a new one altogether. I'd like to go back to baking my own bread every week. I'm really tired of takeout and would like to eat more real food more often! I don't know where I'll find time for any of that, let alone to sleep, on top of four college classes and a full-time job, but it's a nice plan, isn't it?

Now the good-byes begin. Details are being worked out. The U-Haul truck will soon be rented, the men who will load the truck have already been hired. I only have a few more days with the people I love at the job I hate (and yet will still be doing in Cambridge. go figure.). I'm lacing Torby's water with Bach's Rescue Remedy so she doesn't freak out over yet another move. I'm stressed out. But it will all pay off soon. I won't quite be home, but I'll be a hell of a lot closer!

*  *  *

*If you'd like to know more about Kevin's friend, and would like to do something good for the world (as Ben had done for so many years), please visit
this site.

*  *  *

Oh, and, one more thing: Lou, are you still out there???

Posted at 8/11/2010 10:03:03 pm by KelliMelli
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Tuesday, October 27, 2009
Sometimes I'm a little slow.

So after three and a half years here, I have just now, just this very moment, realized the irony in the fact that I can't find a decent APPLE in THE BIG APPLE.

Posted at 10/27/2009 6:23:41 pm by KelliMelli
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Wednesday, September 30, 2009
These are a few of my favorite things...

one very small corner of Lake Winnipesaukee

sun, sand, water

toes (yes, mine)

Moulton Farm Stand, Meredith, NH

low-fat Munchkins

baby bale



ready for roasting

NH maple-apple wine

Maine-made When Pigs Fly bread (affectionately referred to as Pig Bread), super fresh NH corn, mostly NH and MA veggies

cran-apple bliss (made with super fresh NH apples, served with soy ice cream)

Cookie Monster feet (our feet were cold so Kevin searched his parents' closet for slippers. so cozy!)

Not pictured, but also highly enjoyable: lots of tea, many books, a really good jazz CD, a couple of nice hikes.

Posted at 9/30/2009 9:49:24 pm by KelliMelli
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Sunday, August 23, 2009
Deeply, deeply disturbed...

... is what I am right now.

I just saw a promo on Food TV for a new show called "What Would Brian Boitano Make?"

That's right. Take a minute to process that. I certainly had to. I'm still reeling a bit. My first thought was "This isn't April 1st, is it?"

My love and admiration for Food TV have been waning for quite some time now. Sara Moulton is gone. Gale Gand is gone. Jacqeus Torres? Gone. Wayne Harley Brachman? Toast. Michael Symon, who replaced that fraud on "Dinner Impossible," got replaced by that fraud. My TV used to be tuned to Food TV almost every second I was home. These days, however, if it doesn't star Alton Brown, I don't watch it. And when the Hell is he going to blow this clambake and start his own (good!) network (Kevin and I have been wishing for that for several years)?!?

So... not only has Food TV ditched nearly all of the real chefs it used to employ in favor of drunken old hags and perky housewives (not that there's anything wrong with being a housewife... that's still my dream job), but now they're stealing a really good "South Park" bit and making what I can only imagine will be an incredibly embarrassing half-hour of TV each week.

So why stop there? I think every cable network should have a Brian Boitano show. Here are a few ideas I've some up with since seeing the promo (all of about three minutes ago):

DIY: What Would Brian Boitano Build?
TLC: What Would Brian Boitano Wear?
Bravo: What Would Brian Boitano Design?
Discovery: What Would Brian Boitano Discover?
The Weather Channel: What Would Brian Boitano Forecast?
Cartoon Network: What Would Brian Boitano Animate?
MTV: What Would Brian Boitano Sing?
E!: What Would Brian Boitano Gossip About?
(insert name of your favorite news network): What Would Brian Boitano Report?
Travel: Where Would Brian Boitano Go? (alternately: PBS: Where in the World is Brian Boitano?)

Were I Brian Boitano, I surely would have kicked an ass or two the second I heard Food TV even suggest such a show.

Posted at 8/23/2009 9:48:15 pm by KelliMelli
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Friday, June 12, 2009

My new toy:

It's not terribly fancy, and it wasn't ridiculously expensive, but it feels good and sounds good. And until I know how to actually play something, it will do.  =)

Currently reading:
A Doll's House
By Henrik Ibsen

Posted at 6/12/2009 7:34:02 pm by KelliMelli
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