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Thursday, November 27, 2008
The Menu

Above is my first vegan Thanksgiving dinner. Would you have guessed from the picture that this meal was cruelty-free? Ha! Didn't think so! Soy milk and Earth Balance are your friends, people.  =)  Everything is made from scratch (even the stuffing!) except for the "roast."

Now, I dont want to seem immodest, but I am a good cook. I'm OK with saying that for all the world to read. I'm just not a neat cook. Fortunately there was no blood today. There were, however, sweat and tears. Incidents and accidents. Probably even some hints and allegations. But I digress. Below, please find today's menu, complete with anecdotes:

Celebration Roast
   The instructions were to heat the roast in the oven for 15 minutes at 325F. After about 20 minutes, the outside was barely warm. I removed the roast, sliced it, and nuked it for a couple minutes (no, I haven't gotten rid of the microwave yet). It was quite good!

Cranberry Sauce
   Boiled over. Red spatters all over white stove. There may also be a raw cranberry under the couch. Unless Torby found it and chased it into the bedroom. In which case it will never be seen again.

Simple Green Salad
   I put Kevin in charge of the salad. He forgot. In his defense, he had to work today. He is forgiven. We'll have leafy greens another day.

Mashed Potatoes
   Peeled with a too-dull vegetable peeler, resulting in one broken nail (don't ask). Boiled over potatoes. Turned off burner to let water calm down. Burner wouldn't turn back on. Finally got potatoes cooked on the only burner that would work (memo to self: check later to see if all burners are back in working order. very old stove may have just been very tired by 4pm. if not, call landlord. yay.). Put potatoes through ricer, resulting in projectile splattering of said potatoes all over a six-inch radius of pot.

Roasted Buttercup Squash
   Resulted in the breaking of my favorite casserole dish. Cried over casserole dish. Finished squash in microwave. Better not hear any "I-told-you-sos" re: microwave from brother.

Herb Stuffing with Dried Cranberries
   Best dish of the day, especially considering I totally winged it. Wung it? Did wing it? Anyway -- it was awesome. No incidents, no accidents. Yay!

Creamed Pearl Onions ("AKA Eyeballs in Sauce")
   Should have listened to friend T and used unsweetened, rather than plain, soy milk. Quite good, but had a distinct vanilla flavor. Nutritional yeast helped to mask vanilla-ness.

Spelt Spice Rolls with Cranberry Butter
   Forgot to make cranberry butter. Spread the rolls with Earth Balance and cranberry sauce instead. Yum.

Assorted olives and tiny pickles
   A very Hanson thing. I realized the other day, though, that I don't have fancy cut crystal condiment dishes like my mom and aunts have. Served them in cute little Japanese rice bowls instead (memo to self: try to remember to steal a fancy cut crystal condiment dish from Mom when home in January).

Cranberry-Apple Pie
   Had some trouble putting on top crust. Finally won that battle. Used a fancy, handy-dandy aluminum crust shield instead of foil around edges to prevent burning. Result: too-dark-for-my-taste edges and one very burned spot. Still the best pie ever. See Thanksgiving 2005 for more information.

Good Karma Organic Rice Divine (Vanilla)
   The best non-dairy ice cream I've had. Not nauseatingly oversweetened. If I didn't tell you it was dairy free, you'd probably never know it. Nearly broke cookie scoop trying to make cute little ice cream balls. Flung ice cream all over kitchen instead.

Winterport Winery Cranberry Wine
   Illegally imported, and totally worth it!!!

See how easy it is to have such an amazing meal without using animals or their by-products? Kevin and I were talking about how many "traditional" Thanksgiving dishes are naturally vegetarian, except for the turkey, and how easy it is to veganize everything. I think even my dad and my brother would have been pretty happy with this meal. Or at least close to it.

Oh! Are you wondering what I'm thankful for? All the usual stuff, like food and a job and people who love me. And for the new Harry Connick Jr. Christmas CD. And for my dishwasher. Probably mostly for my dishwasher right now. And definitely pie.

And Sara, this one is for you: I'm not thankful for the fact that I was stupid enough to break my favorite casserole dish!!! It was totally my own stupid fault.

Happy Thanksgiving, especially to all the animals who didn't die for my food this year!

Currently listening to:
What A Night! A Christmas Album
By Harry Connick Jr.

Posted at 11/27/2008 5:57:03 pm by KelliMelli

Your Stupid Brother
December 8, 2008   10:49 AM PST
I totally forgot to comment when I first read this...

I told you so! :-P
December 4, 2008   08:39 AM PST
I'm impressed with the celebration roast...I'd like to try it but someone in my household probably wouldn't go for it...hmmm...

And thank you for indulging in my anti thanksgiving!! :)
December 3, 2008   08:32 AM PST
I am also thankful for little pickles, and Paul Simon references. Well done!!! Looks yum!
November 27, 2008   10:01 PM PST
Loved it!!! Sorry you broke you favorite casserole dish. As for stealing a classic condiment dish from me when you come in Jan..........I will be watching you!!
Lots of love and missed you.

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