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Monday, December 15, 2008
Three wrongs making a right?

If I had to name three things, right this very second, on demand, of which I am not a big fan, I would choose the Coca-Cola company, stevia, and the FDA.

Coca-Cola is a giant conglomerate that is poisoning unsuspecting Americans with HFCS (they use real sugar in their sodas made in other countries. shocking. who knew sugar could be used to sweeten soda???). Plus, they own Odwalla, who killed Fresh Samantha. I've been holding that grudge for years. But that's another story for another day. Not that you even care.

Stevia, if you haven't heard of it, is a "dietary supplement." It's an herb that is something like 200 times sweeter than sugar, but is not approved by the FDA as a "safe food." Only as a "supplement." I hate stevia -- it tastes like sweet sticks to me -- but it's been used in other countries for decades as a sugar substitute. I think the FDA probably found one article online that said stevia carries some health risks, and panicked. Never mind that whole
Serevent thing. I took that stuff for several years. I wonder if there's someone I should sue?

And the FDA? Really, I said about all I want to say about the FDA in the previous paragraph. Or I could rant for hours. But I'll take the shorter option for now.

So how are these three wrongs making a right in my eyes? Coke is planning to unveil a new line of Odwalla beverages this week. Guess what they're sweetened with? Stevia! Even though the FDA says it's not OK! Coke is totally sticking it to The Man! Take that, FDA!

I'm not as articulate as I generally like to be this evening. I blame the weather. It was 64 degrees here this afternoon. On December 15th. In the northeast. I am so confused. And if I were watching "Top Journalist," if such a show existed, I would yell at me for admitting that I'm doing something wrong instead of totally owning it. Plus, it's past my bedtime. Maybe I won't even post this. Or maybe I will. I should probably go to bed now.

That's my opinion. I welcome yours (bonus points to anyone who can identify that line!).

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By laura ingalls wilder

Posted at 12/15/2008 9:20:09 pm by KelliMelli

fred nutter
December 31, 2008   11:34 AM PST
Was the News Director, not GM.
I'm actually not Fred, but used
to hang out with him on congress
street in portland smoking camel
cigarettes when we were both
statewide. Poor Fresh Samantha!
Great copy, just noticed you were
looking for me. Freaky, huh?
December 18, 2008   09:12 AM PST
Any idea if Coke's Shweppes ginger ale is made with the same sweetener or is it just the cola line? I enjoy the ginger ale, but generally stay with the Canada Dry, and nothing bad comes from Canada (except Celine, and Bryan Adams).
December 16, 2008   05:10 PM PST
Yay! Sara wins! It was Fred Nutter, who I'm pretty sure was the GM of 2 & 6 back in the day. He did little editorials after the news. Of course, you pretty much had to be from Maine to know that one. My apologies to those of you "from away." =)
December 16, 2008   10:32 AM PST
I feel a little guilty having just redeemed my coke rewards...:(

Oh...and "that's our oppinion, we welcome yours" was that on channel 2?? At like noon time or something like that?? Didn't they have a commentor doing some sort of a like 1 minute thing... For some reason it reminds me of Geraldo so it may have been on TV around the same time? I was little, but I know I know it from somewhere...

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