Entry: Instant Dessert Thursday, June 17, 2004

Today is another too-warm-for-my-taste day. Kev's and my apartment is on the second floor of an old house, and gets very stuffy very easily. Kev's away for a few days (again!), so I spent the afternoon at my parents' place, which is on a small lake. Deciding we'd had enough sun after a while outside, Mom and I sat down to watch a movie ("Bridget Jones' Diary" -- what is it with me and Renee Zellweger lately? She's just too damn cute.). As is typical of movie-watching, we eventually got to feeling a bit snackish. Tomorrow is grocery day for Mom -- there wasn't much in the kitchen. Scouring the cupboard, I found a can of cherry pie filling. Thinking I'd get a "no," I asked if she had any graham crackers. Oddly enough, there were two boxes of them! Can you hear it now...? The sound of an epiphany forming...? The following isn't necessarily the most nutritious recipe, but it is pretty low on the guilt scale if you use light or fat free Cool Whip. It's also painfully easy!

Cherry Pie Parfaits


cherry pie filling

graham crackers

whipped cream/whipped topping

Crush graham crackers into crumbs. Alternate layers of cracker crumbs and pie filling in parfait glasses/dessert dishes (I used oversized wine glasses) until they seem right. Top with whipped cream/topping.

We both love cherry pie, and this is a reasonable facsimile. The only thing I'd change would be to use cinnamon graham crackers -- all we had were plain ones. I think the cinnamon would be a nice touch. I'm sure this isn't an idea someone else hasn't had, but I've never seen a recipe too terribly close to it... so it's an original idea to me!

Sorry there's no picture -- I left my camera at home.


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