Entry: Just what is a "Culinary Epiphany?" Wednesday, June 02, 2004

I think a lot... I think about work. I think about life. I think about food. Sometimes I think so much, I get what Kevin calls "busy head," and I can't sleep. I also read a lot... I read cookbooks, food magazines, and various and assorted other stuff. I also watch a lot of Food Network. While I read or watch food shows, I think. I'll see a recipe... a piece of fruit... a cool new kitchen gadget... and an idea will be sparked. When I get an idea like this and proclaim the idea to be brilliant, that is a culinary epiphany. Sometimes, though, something not even remotely related to food will spark an epiphany. A perfect example of this happened at work this morning...

I was going through my scripts for this morning's show, and a name jumped out at me: Jane (first name changed to protect the innocent) Limeburner. Yes, Limeburner. I said to my co-worker/friend (the producer of the show) "Limeburner -- that sounds like a recipe I need to invent!" The next thought in my head was that the name was just screaming "alcoholic beverage!" Derrick then said, "that would be a great name for a drink!" We had the thought at the same time, but he's younger than I am -- his reflexes are better than mine -- he verbalized the thought first. 

Please keep in mind that I am not a big drinker. I am not morally opposed to alcohol -- I just don't like much of it. In fact, I have never been drunk. A bit happy once or twice, but never drunk. I know just enough about alcoholic products to be dangerous. I will spare you the gory details of the thought process that ensued over the next few minutes (cinnamon schnapps came up at first, but was quickly nixed. Lime and cinnamon? Eeewww!), but here is what we came up with in the end: the "Limeburner" should consist of lime vodka or lime juice (Derrick says vodka, I say juice), ginger brandy, and a good quality ginger ale such as Reed's Premium Ginger Brew. We think it should probably be served in a highball glass over ice. Hopefully one of us will get around to actually experimenting with this mix soon! In the meantime, another co-worker of ours also tends bar at the local "99," and said if she has a few minutes and can find some ginger brandy, maybe she'll play around a bit.

Oh - Derrick's other brilliant idea was to float some 151 on top and set it on fire. I told him I'm way too much of a lightweight to allow 151 anywhere my drink.

I'm pretty excited about this epiphany. Considering how little I drink, I think this sounds like something I might actually like. Lime and ginger go so well together! And I'll take any excuse to have some Reed's.

The irony in all of this...? The news story that included Ms. Limeburner was about a group of junior high school students producing a play about "saying no" to alcohol and drugs.


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