Entry: ssshOCKing! Monday, May 30, 2005

Yes, there is, in fact, a correct way to pronounce "ssshOCKing." If you know my friend Kim, you know what it is. Otherwise... oh well.

So what, you ask, is so ssshOCKing? I went to a local Farmer's Market today, held just a few blocks away from casa del K & K, that shall remain nameless. I wasn't expecting much, it being spring and all, and I was right. But a local bakery that shall remain nameless had a booth there. I've been meaning to check out this bakery for quite some time. I got a small taste of what they do today. How cool! There were lots of yeast breads and fancy breads and rustic breads, and also some quick breads. The quick breads sounded quite intriguing: vanilla bean cake loaf and pain d'epice. Yes, of course I've heard of pain d'epice. But I had never had it until I got a little sample today. It was good -- moist, spicy, and orangey. Kind of a kicked-up gingerbread. I love gingerbread.

Are you ready for the ssshOCKing part? The quick breads were $14 a loaf. Yes, you read that correctly: fourteen dollars a loaf. What could possibly be in that bread to make it worth fourteen dollars a loaf?!? Even if every ingredient is fresh, pure, and as organic as organic as it gets (which I don't think it was!), there's no way in Oklahoma that it could be worth fourteen dollars a loaf! How can anyplace get away with charging fourteen dollars a loaf for quick bread?!? I refuse to buy it at the grocery store for $3 a loaf, because I think that's exorbitant. But fourteen? dollars? a loaf? Wow. Even if that pain d'epice was imported from France, this morning, on a specially resurrected Concorde, it couldn't possibly be worth fourteen dollars a loaf. Could it? And I know vanilla is rather expensive as of late, but really.

Needless to say, I was shocked. Stunned. Floored. Amazed. Fourteen dollars a loaf? It's quick bread!

I am so totally baking something spicy tomorrow.


June 20, 2005   09:40 PM PDT
ssshOCKiinggg Indeed!! : )

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