Entry: A New Toy Wednesday, June 23, 2004

I'm hot, tired, and uninspired (hey -- that rhymes!) today, but I thought I'd leave a quick note about yesterday's trip to the toy store. Smoothie glasses weren't the only thing I bought -- you didn't think I'd get out of there that easily, did you?  =) I rarely do, and yesterday was no exception. I got a new, fancy-schmancy Lexan ice cream scoop!

It looks blue in the picture, and it's called "indigo," but it really looks purple in person. My kitchen, dishes, and gadgets are purple and blue, so as far as I'm concerned, it's purple. Trust me on this one. They also come in several other colors. But I like purple.

Its claim to fame is that the purple part of the "bowl" is rubber. Once you've scooped up the frozen treat of your choice, you're supposed to be able to press on the rubber part with your thumb, causing the ice cream (or whatever!) to pop right out. 

Yesterday I bought Stonyfield Organic Creme Caramel frozen yogurt. Today, I bought some extra-cool, extra-special, extra-unique waffle cones. Tomorrow I will introduce the scoop to the yogurt, the yogurt to the cones, and the yogurt and cones to my mouth. I'll let you know what happens. 


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