Entry: I Scream, You Scream... Thursday, June 24, 2004

... we all scream for... frozen yogurt, in this case. But first, a bit about the vessels that held my frozen yogurt this afternoon.

I've never been a huge fan of sugar cones, or of waffle cones. I'm a cake cone kind of girl -- especially what I call "pointy cones." You know, the cake cones that are actually cones, and not flat-bottomed "cups." I've always favored pointy cones, and have always called them that. I'm weird. I know.

Kevin and I were looking at the veggie products (Boca, Morningstar Farms, Gardenburger, etc.) at the grocery store last night, which are right across the aisle from the ice cream. In the middle of the aisle was one of those "impulse displays" ... a temporary rack full of products you didn't know you needed 'til you saw them. This one had boxes of "wholesome waffle cones."

I laughed when I read that. How can ice cream cones be wholesome? Sure, they're not particularly bad for you. They're just kind of nutritionally void. "Wholesome" implies that they're actually good for you! I picked up the box and read on. They turned out to be 100% organic. Ingredients: organic stoneground wheat flour, organic golden sugar, organic stoneground corn flour, and organic sunflower oil. I was pretty interested. The clincher is that they're produced in Quebec, so the box is bi-lingual -- English and French. "Organic" is a pretty cool word. It's natural and earthy. It sounds like what it means. I love words like that. But the French word for "organic" is "biologique (bee-oll-oh-zheek)," or "bio (bee-oh)" for short. I love that word. I always go to the "bio" market when I'm in Paris. I always buy Danone (Dannon in the States) "Bio" brand yogurt when I'm in Paris. I love to visit "bio" bakeries and buy breads full of nuts, seeds, and grains when I'm in Paris. I love "bio!" The word appears several times on the box. I was hooked.

On Tuesday I had bought some Stonyfield Farm Creme Caramel Frozen Yogurt. "Bio," of course, to go along with my organic dairy products crusade. What better filling for these cones? And what an opportunity to try out my new ice cream scoop! It was all just meant to be. As Kevin put it, this blog entry practically wrote itself!

The scoop doesn't work quite as well as I think the manufacturer thinks it should, but it's still pretty cool. The yogurt and the cones, however, worked wonderfully together! I'm a big fan of the Stonyfield Farm people. All their products are organic, there's a great variety of styles and flavors of yogurt and frozen yogurt, and it's all GOOD. Kev and I had a nice afternoon snack on a not-so-nice afternoon. Here's a little still life I took of the preparations...

I still don't quite have the hang of food photography.



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