Entry: Brunch for Dinner Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I hope you're sitting down -- this entry is about food! Shocking, I know.

In celebration of
Pancake Day yesterday, we had, well, pancakes for dinner!

Super fluffy and yummy (and vegan, of course!) pancakes, recipe courtesy of Post Punk Kitchen, made with half all-purpose flour and half spelt flour, slathered with Earth Balance and the last of our maple syrup from last fall's trip to New Hampshire. Hash browns from the grocery store freezer section (I'm not afraid to admit that!). Fresh blueberries and blackberries, surprisingly sweet and juicy for February. And Prosecco Mimosas. Are they still mimosas if they're made with Prosecco, and not Champagne? Probably not. But I'm OK ith it. And what's brunch without a little sparkly wine?


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