Entry: Equilibrium Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I was on the phone with my mom earlier this evening. She was watching "Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern," and mentioned that someone was "making something grassy." Now, I don't regularly watch that show for what I think are very obvious reasons, but I didn't think that "grassy" foods were necessarily up Andrew's alley. So I switched my TV over to find Zimmern at the home of an LA based raw chef. There went my blood pressure, right up to the sky. Leave it to someone like Zimmern to portray healthy, plant-based foods as "bizarre!" It's people like him who give veganism a bad name. Raw food? Bizarre? I mean, really? Grrr. I promptly switched back to whatever it was I hadn't been watching earlier (yes, I have a very bad habit of having the TV on whenever I'm home alone. I really need the sound and light to keep from feeling too lonely.), which may or may not have been "Wheel of Fortune," but only because it's on right after "Jeopardy."

And then I saw
this article on the New York Times Dining and Wine Page. Hooray!!! Granted, there are still a few points with which I may not entirely agree, but knowing that HFCS is being phased out of some heavy-hitting American foods made me very, very happy. I can't wait to have a Coke with REAL SUGAR in it! And no, I don't make a habit of drinking Coke, but the first HFCS-free one I see WILL be mine.

Also, there is a Red Sox (pre-season) game on TV here! Yay! Of course, if you're from here, I guess it would be a Yankees game. But I am most definitely NOT from here.


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March 28, 2009   06:40 PM PDT
Sorry I got you all bunged up about Andrew Zimmern. Not every thing he eats is bizarre.
March 27, 2009   03:51 PM PDT
I have to try and convince Todd to do a "Bizarre Foods" special summer series. He'll put anything in his mouth.

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