Entry: Still Convalescing Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Until last Saturday, I had not had a cold in about two years. Apparently, this one thinks it needs to make up for lost time. I am sick. I have spent the past three days in bed, in varying states of consciousness, living on grape ginger ale, fruit, and fruit juice popsicles, watching Renee Zellweger movies (I highly recommend "Chicago" and "Down With Love!" "White Oleander" is also pretty good, for a book adaptation, but the book is better.). Finally, this afternoon, thanks to the modern miracle called "Robitussin (which happens to be, unfortunately, the foulest, most heinous-tasting substance on the planet!)," my head is a bit clearer, and I have plans to drag my sorry body back to work tomorrow.

On a brighter note, the digital gods smiled on me, and my digital camera came today! I can't wait to get out and see what it can do.

It's hot here today. We have had such a strange year so far -- almost no snow over the winter, lots of rain in the late winter, and cool, rainy weather most of this spring. Today, all of a sudden, it's about 80 degrees... something we haven't seen since last August. Tomorrow is supposed to be even warmer, and the the rest of the week is supposed to be back to "normal," around 70 degrees. I look forward to that. Between my cold and this heat, I haven't felt much like moving today. 

Soon -- I promise! -- this blog will get back on track, and will hopefully be a bit more colorful with the addition of some pictures from my new camera!

I've been craving cornbread lately, so that will probably be on the menu (and the site!) later this week -- as soon as it's cool enough again to bake. Maybe I'll put some raspberries in it... or maybe Craisins... hmmm...


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